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Haggard, Prevail, Prey, & Chivalrous in Sentences

Learn the meanings of Haggard, Prevail, Prey, and Chivalrous in Sentences.


Because there was a huge shortage of food in our land, I looked quite haggard and pale. Even so, I was ready for the competition that would allow me to win food for my family. If I could prevail and be the last person standing, I would win enough food to feed those I loved for a month’s time. If I wasn’t strong enough, I would easily become the prey of my competitors and one by one, they would all try to kill me. Though I would be the lone girl in the match, I knew to expect no mercy. None of the males were chivalrous, and as such, would show me no pity simply because I was female.


Haggard – looking ill

Prevail – to defeat in a hard battle or contest

Prey – a thing or person who is vulnerable to attack

Chivalrous –exhibiting respect to females

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