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Meaning of Capitulate, Arbitrate, Pacifist, Parable, Gentry

In the parable, we learn a very important lesson about people who will not engage in war. The hero of the story is John Williams; John is a pacifist. Even though his country is at war, John will not pick up a gun to fight. Because of his beliefs, he is shunned by members of the gentry. Even though these people are wealthy like John, they consider him to be a traitor to his country and want nothing to do with him. Eventually, these same individuals come to oppose the war as well, and soon, they beg the president to arbitrate and settle the dispute between the two countries. The war lasted for another five years because the president was not willing to capitulate and give in to the other nation’s demands.

Capitulate – to give in or surrender

Arbitrate – to settle an argument or dispute

Pacifist – a person who is against war

Parable – a story that teaches a lesson or moral

Gentry – society’s most privileged members

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